Suspension of club activities – Covid-19

Tri England
I am pleased to say we are now working towards reopening club activities in early July.  We have been able to relaunch our open water swimming for club members, adapted to work within current social distancing guidelines.  The limited club activities are being circulated on our club Facebook page, along with the regular club email circulations.  We look forward to the day when we can fully reopen the club.
We have received the below from BTF, effectively ceasing all club activity to 30th April (now extended to 4th July). The guidance removes club insurance cover if we ignore the advice. However it does not stop you keeping active or impact any personal arrangements you make with club members, within the government guidelines.  Go to our Facebook page to see what members are doing.  We will resume as soon as possible.
I would like to ask that as an affiliated club, you suspend all face-to-face meetings, events (including social), camps and training groups, at least until 30 April. Our actions after this date will depend on how this situation changes and further advice from the government and relevant bodies.
You can read the full text here

Open Water Swim Training Course – 9th/10th May 2020



Mark and Teresa have been running open water swim training courses each spring for more than ten years and introduced many new open water swimmers and triathletes to the sport.

We will be running our next course on 9th and 10th May, places are restricted to ensure you get the best coaching experience and it is filling up already.  If you are interested contact us to secure your place.

For more details click here

TriHarman-Norfolk Club Triathlon Championships 2020.


For 2020, to be included in the club you must race at least one of the TriEngland Eastern Region Champs rounds (listed below), if you do more than one your best result will count.  As previously, points will be allocated depending on your age group position, in the event of a tie the percentage of the AG winner’s time will decide.  If this is still tied the percentage of the race winner’s time will decide.
Remember to enter as TriHarman-Norfolk so we can include you.
Eastern Region Champs Events 2020
3rd May The Walden Tri (sprint distance – organiser Walden Tri club),
10th May St. Neots Series Race 1 (sprint or standard – Nice Tri events),
17th May The Big East Triathlon (middle – Dengie events),
24th May The Grafman (middle championship – Nice Tri events),
7th June The Beccles Tri (sprint – Beccles Tri club),
14th June The Sudbury Tri (sprint – Tri Sudbury club),
5th July Grafham Water Triathlon (standard – Nice Tri events),
12th July Norwich Tri (sprint championship – Tri Anglia club),
19th July Gosfield Lake Tri (standard championship – Born2Tri),
6th September St. Neots Series Race 2 (sprint – Nice Tri events),
6th September North Norfolk Tri (standard – Harbour Wells Trust),
13th September Stowmarket Tri (sprint – Haverhill Tri club),
13th September Clacton Tri (standard – Clacton Triathlon).

Coach Teresa – Why do we always feel bad when our training takes a dip for a few weeks and does it really matter?

As I see it, you train hard before the race season maybe kick starting it in January, and this continues during the competitive race season and well into October or November so why not allow yourself some down time during the month of December. I am sure your own children and family will enjoy having you around more and devoting your time to them. Being sociable with your long suffering friends who miss having the odd lunch or dinner with you to catch up on what’s going on in their lives instead of always yours. Allowing that tired body of yours some well earned rest and allowing that strict regime with food and drink to be slackened a little. It’s a good time to switch off from triathlon and try new sports such as cross country running or cyclo cross. What is it so wrong to do absolutely nothing for a few weeks, letting your hair down and enjoying normal life? I wouldn’t expect anyone to take months off from training but there are some who feel they need to because the love for the sport has become a chore and unenjoyable. Why do other people put you under pressure and make you feel guilty if you want to slow down for a bit? We really ought to just go with the flow as let’s face it most of us aren’t earning a living from it. It should be done because we enjoy it and it should be a bit of fun. Is a few weeks out of your busy schedule really going to harm you in the bigger picture? Come on people, stop being so hard on yourself and others and try to relax a little and enjoy the company of family and friends. Have that odd glass of wine, that bit of cake or stay in bed an extra hour. Come January you will want to pick up the mantle again and punish yourself all over again by setting new goals, new speed targets, qualification for GB or Ironman inspirations. Having the odd day or weeks off isn’t going to kill you, in fact it will do you more good than harm. Life is stressful enough especially with Christmas approaching, so giving yourself time to enjoy other things or have a holiday and reflect on how things went this year will inspire and refresh those aspirations for the coming season. So my message is slow down, don’t feel guilty or pressured and enjoy the treasured times with your kids, loved ones and friends.
Have a festive Xmas and enjoy what the New Year brings. Tx

Pilates Classes with Teresa 2019

I am sure many of you have reached the season end with a variety of aches, pains and injuries.  Your physio will no doubt have advised improving your core strength and overall flexibility to smooth the road to recovery and prevent future problems.

Teresa runs a number of sessions and as a Level 3 Triathlon Coach is able to help athletes get maximum gain from each session.  If you would like to attend the classes are shown below.  The cost is just £5 per 1 hour session and all equipment is supplied.

Classes Available:

 Monday 10.00am – East Runton Community Hall, East Runton

Monday 6.00pm – Cromer Tennis Club

 Thursday 7.00pm  – East Runton Community Hall, East Runton

 Friday 10.30am – FFMA Gym, Cromer

Coaches Corner – Eating to stay lean by Teresa

We all know that we need to eat more when training but do we know we need to eat less when not training.  How many of us continue to eat the same amount of food per day even on a recovery day and wonder why we aren’t losing any weight or losing body fat.  It’s not rocket science but many of us have no real idea what we should be eating to fuel our bodies during exercise and afterwards.

Fad diets are not the answer, just carefully sensible eating balanced with your training.  Read more here.

A triathlon coach? What can they do for me?

TriH 2colThere are some class athletes out there who have the knowledge and experience to coach themselves.  They know which combination of sessions will make them go fast, know which new methods and products will help them and which will waste their time and money.  They know when to rest and when to train, they recognise the signs they are doing too much or too little and have the self-confidence to see their plan through to success.  If you count yourself amongst them I applaud you and will enjoy your success.

If you think doing all this and training for your events is beyond your skill and experience, you may well benefit from consulting a coach to help you achieve your goals.   Read more.

Coaches Corner – A way out of the end of season slump

Mark_Cambs_Tri(1)Cycling, Running and Triathlon are essentially seasonal sports, they need to be as endurance training and racing is hard on your body but it is generally due to the short days and poor weather limiting available events.  As the season closes you will need a rest to allow your muscles and joints to repair, but it is easy to lose motivation as your mind and body take the opportunity to recover.  This is not helped by the dark cold days and adverse weather which also reduces enthusiasm to train.  For some a few weeks pass then normal service is resumed, unfortunately for many it is not quite so easy.  Read more here

Coaches Corner – It’s not really about the bike

Think you can’t race triathlon because you can’t afford a fancy bike?

Cycles and their associated equipment have dramatically changed in recent years, gone are the steel frames, drop handlebars and shallow rimmed multi spoked wheels, replaced by acres of expensive, aerodynamic carbon.  These bikes look fast just standing still and have eye watering price tags attached to them.  The manufacturers literature and magazine reviews tell us just how stiff and aerodynamic they are, describing the massive improvements on last year’s model.  With all this innovation the bikes must almost ride themselves.  In reality it is not so simple, read more