TriHarman-Norfolk Annual General Meeting 2020

Meeting Notes

 Woodlands Leisure Function Room.

Attended:- Mark Harman, Teresa Harman, Suzie Towning, Becky Cooper, John Morgan, Catherine Young, Keith Beswick, Lynne Dowdy, Tracy Shurey and Sue Ilsley

  1. Apologies

Mark Crookes, Nick Bowden, Tessa Morgan, Paul Hovell

  1. Minutes of the Previous committee meeting


  1. Chairmans Report

2019 has been a successful year for the club, with our routine coaching activities returning to full strength along with many other coaching activities delivered for the membership.  These included a winter GoTri Duathlon at Blickling Hall, delivered with Triathlon England, our mini duathlons and the return of regular club runs and bike rides.  We have helped our racers prepare for the bigger local races, with the Holkham swim and bike sessions, along with a series of open water swims in Wells harbour and tours of the bike course.  Our winter spinning sessions are once again very popular, giving some high intensity bike training.  The majority of this is delivered by just three club coaches giving members access to a wealth of experience and opportunity to develop their performance and skills.

Unfortunately our Junior activities have not fared so well, the high point being an excellent coaching weekend delivered using the funds from Becky Coopers challenge, however the regular swim sessions saw numbers dwindle and eventually they became unviable.  A few of our juniors continue to swim at Splash on the Monday session.

The racing by club athletes have continued to impress, from the racers at the front of their age groups through to those just starting out, or challenging themselves with longer distance races.  The Fritton Lake weekend was a major success for our racers, as the club championships we had many there and the performances were memorable.  We were able to celebrate the fastest racers at our excellent Christmas meal where the awards were given.

The open water swimming has broken all records for attendance and continues to be a major source of income for the club, providing an excellent venue to swim during the summer months.  It is a little resource intensive, relying on our committee members to provide the safety support, we may need to provide some training to willing volunteers so we can widen our pool of support for 2020.  We noted a reduction in the proportion of club members swimming last season, so we will seek to encourage our members to train there, not just providing a venue for others.  A high point was our contribution to the venue work day, so many members helping we got an amazing amount done in a very short time.

2020 will be even more exciting, in addition to the 2019 activities our spring training day/weekend will be widened to include adults, with local pro triathlete Kim Morrison assisting the coaching team.  The open water swimming restarts in May and our club championships will be based on performances in the races part of the 2020 Eastern Region Champs.  This is to encourage our racers who are British Triathlon members to target the Eastern region champs alongside the club champs for all our members.

Another new venture will be our September camping and training weekend at the lake over the weekend of 12/13th September.  It is to be planned in more detail over the coming weeks.

2021 will see the opening of the pool to replace Splash in Sheringham.  We are already in discussion with the management about our pool time and possible additional sessions.

 Treasurers Report

 The club is in a strong financial position, at 10th January 2020 the bank account stood at £5454.35 with no invoices outstanding.

It should be noted this includes £350 remaining from the donation made by Becky Cooper towards the junior activity within the club.

Income is primarily from memberships and swim sessions.  The club membership remains around 60, with both pool and open water swim sessions remaining popular, the open water swims being particularly profitable in 2019 with many swimmers being non-members.

The operation has produced an increase of £1614.88 since the start of the year.

As always the club coaching is wholly voluntary so we should continue to see a surplus from our swim sessions through 2020.  It should be noted British Triathlon have increased the affiliation/insurance by 40% for this year, however this expense is unavoidable and can be absorbed within the anticipated surplus.

I anticipate a steady income through 2020 so we have funds available to support coach development or other worthwhile club activities.

 Secretary’s Report

  1. Post vacant
  1. Election of Officers for 2020
  1. Chairman: Mark Harman
  2. Secretary: Becky Cooper
  3. Treasurer: Teresa Harman
  4. Welfare Officer: John Morgan
  5. Social Secretary: Suzie Towning and Tracey Shurey

Additional committee members:

Mark Crookes

Catherine Young

Any Other Business.

 Web Site

The self produced club website has reached the limit of usefulness and we require professional support to upgrade.  The club will invest some of our surplus in a new site which is easier to use and links with social media accounts.

Open Water Swim

This remains our flagship fund raiser.  We will review the equipment and replace any worn or substandard items before the start of the season.

We will purchase a paddle board and equipment for use by the on lake safety crew.  We will seek to arrange SUP training for our committee and other lake volunteers through the MTC coaches in return for use of the board in their other club activities.  We will also arrange first aid training for those additional volunteers who have not received training elsewhere.

To encourage our members to swim at the lake we will reduce the members swim fee to £3, the guest fee will remain at £7.

Camping and Training Weekend

We have booked the North Walsham lake and camping ground for the weekend of 12/13th September.  We will deliver a social event with swim/bike/run activity through the weekend.  Suzie and Tracey will develop the social aspects of the weekend while the coaches develop the training activity.  Camping will not be necessary but available to those who wish to stay overnight at the site.

Club Clothing for 2020 members

In order to encourage membership and spread the club name we will provide each new member and those renewing in 2020 an item of club branded clothing, either T shirt, hat or buff.  We will review this at the end of 2020 to see if it can be made a permanent arrangement.  We will source suitable items.

Go-Tri Event 2020

We will seek to deliver a Go-Tri triathlon or aquathlon in conjunction with the spring training day.  As the training day is developed we will seek availability of the pool and arrange the event.

Eastern Region Championship 2020

We will continue to promote the championship within the club, seeking a way to show members who is racing at each event to encourage further entries.  This may be possible through the updated website but in the short term through the email newsletter.

2020 Annual Awards

We will continue to provide annual awards for performance in the championship.  However for 2020 we will expand this to include more categories, for example coaches choice, most improved and best volunteer.  We will seek nominations later in the season.