Experiences of a TriHarman Athlete – Worlds Qualifier 2016

Unfortunately the Eton race was not prepared for as I had planned due to this being my final year of university so for the first time going into a race I felt under prepared. Despite this I was determined to go and not come last! The race itself was well organised, easy to get to and set out well. Don’t be surprised by the number of people wondering around in Team GB kit, they did not hold back on this front! Its a good setting, loads of space and defiantly an event I would look to enter again but in a more relaxed race.

 The swim was a straight out, across and back along the rowing lake, through pretty much clear waters. I think what shocked me the most in the swim was the speed of the guys in front, by about my 3rd breath they were long gone and I was swimming on my own. They average about 1:23/100m for the 750m swim and way to fast for me to be able to hang on for a drag with my 1:50/100

By the time I got out of the swim most were on their bike and away. The bike course is fast, flat and draft legal. This was in exchange for aero bars however I think I would have done the same with the aero bars. I was unable to draft until the 3rd and 4th laps where I was caught by the next wave on their 1st lap, concentration is king in draft legal races! My bike ave 34.27 km/h whilst the winner 39.26 km/h. Quite happy with the bike considering I could draft anyone for 2 laps, not that far off the pace and I managed to pass someone.

 The run was a simple flat out and back along the banks of the rowing lake. I passed the group of guys I was racing against on their return leg, but the run was as good as I knew It could be with a good average speed for me over this shorter distance. My pace was 4:21 /km whilst the winner was 3:21/km. Quite a difference but not un surprising given the little training I had done

An enjoyable day out, just wish I had entered the main field as I wouldn’t have been that far behind in my age group!

The key I think to an Age Grouper event is the preparation work, and a good swim. If you can stay with them on the swim, you can stay with them on the bike as you can just sit in its almost a neutral field till the run.