Salou 2015 – Not Everything goes to Plan

Not everything will go to plan when you set out to complete a race.  Sometimes things go wrong long before you even reach the start line.  This fact you cannot change but how you react to the challenge is up to you, can you salvage a success against the odds?

We holidayed in Salou, Spain with the children some years ago, a nice beach resort just south of Barcelona.  When Teresa saw Challenge were putting on a Half Ironman distance triathlon there in May it seemed an ideal early preparation for IM Barcelona.  Challenge organise good events in a similar style to Ironman but not quite as expensive.  The credit card came out and soon we had two entries and a week holiday in the sun arranged.

Time passed and the training was not really going as expected.  Teresa had an enduring foot pain which it seems stemmed from a lumbar disc pushing on a nerve.  This was not going to be a quick fix and a half marathon run was out of the question.  She would still start the race but at best walk the run leg.  My training was going better but work on the house was eating into my time and the bike miles had suffered.  A personal best was no longer an option so what would success look like?   To find out click here.

Mark and Teresa’s Coaches Corner

There is no substitute for good old fashioned coaching from and experienced coach, one 2 one or in a group of like minded people. However there is much to learn reading the experiences of the coaches as they race and train.  Mark and Teresa share these with you in their Coaches Corner.  These are updated regularly so it is worth checking back from time to time.

You  will find the first article dealing with the importance of bike set up posted here, just  to give you an idea what is coming.

Mark and Teresa